Valentino Libro: “passion is the core to success”

pizza di successo 600x523 300x262Best victories, greatest satisfactions, the moments of joy are the reasons why you invest time, all of your energies and strength! That’s the way I create successful pizzas.”

A dream come true, a place in which excellence and perfection in taste and flavors is pursued. These are the first impressions you get when you come in Libro’s Pizzeria, viale Kennedy 5 in Aversa, in the province of Caserta, the project in which the award- winning pizza maker Valentino Libro has always believed in. It is the last stage of a long success history made up of gratifications and recognitions more and more prestigious, with many chapters that still have to be written. Valentino looks to the future, especially to the opportunity to prove himself in a new project, whose details are still top secret.


Always looking at the future, Valentino’s presents Libro’s Pizzeria, the result of a perfect combination between innate talent (he started and found out his passion when he was just 13 years old) and continuous training. Over the years Valentino has had the opportunity to learn the tricks of the trade from the best Neapolitan pizza makers, then he moved to Istanbul where he became familiar with new culinary cultures. So little by little it has taken shape the peculiar style of Valentino, based on simply and excellent flavors and a careful selection of ingredients. A “pizza philosophy” that has triumphed also in competitive contexts which are, as Valentino says, a way to keep yourself alive, to experiment with the aim of increasing the quality of the results. Just some examples: Valentino has been awarded with the title of intercontinental champion and ambassador of Neapolitan pizza to Turkey, and he has won the Caputo Trophy of 2014 pizza world championship.


Surrounded by motivated and professional youths always yearning for learning and improving their skills, and accompanied by the chef Enzo de Paolis, young talent born in 1988, and Luigi Coppola, Valentino is always opened to new creations for his pizzeria. For the most part, the customers of the pizzeria located in an hystorical palace in the center of Aversa choose the pizza that gives it his name. We are talking about “Libro’s”: a pizza with selected saffron, fiordilatte of Agerola, arugula drizzled with lemon juice, pieces of almond, chopped pistachio, organic farming extra- virgin olive oil and little mint leaves: a gourmet pizza with carefully selected ingredients. A pizza, the one made by Valentino, that many try to imitate but nobody can reproduce.


Delicates tastes and wide choice. Also those who have food intolerances can please thier palates thanks to an allergen menu with gluten- free and whole wheat doughs. At Libro’s you can eat fanciful fried food and desserts, all skillfully cooked by Anna D’Alessio, who can please everybody. Satisfaction comes from happy customers as well as from the recognitions that print media and critics give to us. The passion for pizza continues to be awarded.