Libro's Team

Libro's system

Libro’s is based on Valentino Libro’s know how, gained during years of hard work and experience all over the world. A combination of tradition, professional skills, creativity and innovation. Old recipes of Neapolitan tradition combined with new proposals and management models. An operational methodology that combines know how, organization, management models and innovation that is conveyed to affiliates through an operating manual and proper training to allow them to develop their own activities.


33Libro’s concept begins with careful observation of new restaurant trends and with an intuition: nowadays guests live meals as moments of personal gratification and they always want the best.
At 33Libro’s the open kitchen creates an engaging atmosphere filled with smells and emotions. The perfect place where to enjoy the excellent quality of the menu and an atmosphere made up of beauty, tradition and passion.




img location copiaThe choice of location plays a fundamental role for 33Libro’s restaurant. 33Libro’s aim is to open new restaurants in main towns of province or with a resident population of at least 50.000 people, in central streets or squares, preferably in fascinating places, nearby offices, commercial and residential areas, as well as in places with a consistent number of tourists in order to have customers both during daytime and nights, or in shopping malls with well organized food court and evening shows.


Characteristics of the room


The hall shall be at least 140/150 sq. m. with a number of at least 80 seating positions. Fundamental is good exposure.


QUALITY and TRADITION are the watchwords of 33Libro’s and you can see it in the menu, that offer the typical pizzas of Neapolitan tradition and a list of pizzas created by Valentino Libro, characterized by a great variety and prepared with high quality ingredients. In addition to pizzas, the menu offers a great choice of Neapolitan dishes, fried food and salads as well as desserts to fulfill every request. The menus are produced with the best raw materials, designed with care, simplicity and elegance. A constant quality in the service is made possible by compliance with the method of preparation of pizza and dishes, by the know how of the franchisor and by staff training by 33Libro’s chefs that follow procedures and recipes of the operating manual to the letter.

Libro’s menus are 3:

  • Standard
  • Per HER (no prices!)
  • Per Tourist (in English)

Long- Rise Dough Pizza

Pizza with long- rise dough is an insourmontable basic recipe. Our recipe requires a long rising process and high hydration. Our dough will be soft and tasty… Our pizzas are all seasoned with: fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. Only 500 pizza per day will be available.
Libro’s menus have been created by the pizza chef, Valentino Libro, in collaboration with talented nutritionists to guarantee a balanced caloric and nutritional intake. Pizza has about 1250 kcal. It is rich but without excess, there is logic and harmony of tastes, together with an extraordinary digeribility, rare virtue. Even the most traditional margherita seems something new thanks to the richness of its ingredients.

Whole Wheat Pizzas

With regard to whole wheat pizzas, whole wheat contains the entire kernel. It is a complete food, rich in fiber and vitamins, low in calorie and fat. This flour is obtained by milling the whole kernel of wheat, including germs and fiber.
A genuine product traditionally processed without chemicals. Type 1flour contains the entire wheat germ, that guarantees an increased nutritional content and antioxidant properties, and the right amount of fiber thanks to middlings. Bio type 1 flour reaches a perfect balance of germs, fiber and ashes, and mycotoxines are almost non-existent.

Gluten-Free Pizzas

For what concerns gluten-free pizzas our aim is to allow people with celiac disease to eat gluten- free pizzas as tasty as the classical ones; fried food too will be carefully cooked in a specific frying pan.

Daily limit 33 434 33 .

La Formula Franchising

img formula

33Libro’s project is addressed to those investors who wants to create a winning partnership in which franchisor’s experience meets franchisee’s knowledge of local market. Franchisee invests in the business and uses both trademark and the operating system created by the franchisor.

There are 3 options:


33Libro’s provides all the following services to affiliates

  • Business Plan
  • Site selection assistance
  • Site development assistance
  • Turnkey project
  • Layout
  • Training
  • Operating manual
  • Ongoing support
  • Management software
  • Suppliers selection
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Corporate identity

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Concept Design

33Libro’s goal is to create restaurants/pizzerias with a warm and comfortable atmosphere, with a typical elegant Italian style.
In the restaurant there must be ovens for pizza, open kitchen and showcase.

box img2


The décor of 33 Libro’s shops has been chosen to express the identity of the trademark.
A choice that makes feel customers as they are entering a traditional Italian place.
No barriers between producer and consumer, in order to stimulate senses thanks to open kitchen that spreads its smells and gives the chance to see and enjoy the preparation of food. Everything is set up to offer a unique experience.

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Pos and Management

In accordance with applicable laws the franchisor will select a POS and a management software. A chosen company will be entrusted with the installation of the management software and of the entire management system to guarantee uniformity.
The franchisee will report data about sales and statistics daily, weekly and monthly so that the SYSTEM can monitor the proper management and the performance of the project.

Why Libro's


Entrare in un ristorante Get into a 33 Libro’s restaurant means to enjoy a unique experience given by excellent food and perfect hospitality in a trendy and elegant place. A comfortable white and silver dining room makes guests feel welcome as well as the friendly and efficient service and the open kitchen that work to create a unique atmosphere. .
Quality is a key word in 33Libro’s philosophy as it means quality both in the service and in the selection of food.
33Libro’s offers a complete and integrated project which grants to affiliates the right to use the trademark as well as a project with layout and decòr for the restaurant, recipes and operational and management methodologies. 33LIBRO’S.

Pizza Counter


On the top you see the number of pizza we can still prepare, while on the bottom the rising time of the last dough to be always updated.

contapizze copia


Unique Concept

Offer in line with megatrends
High quality products
Different formats
Experience and creativity


Minimum height 2,70- 3,00 m
In each restaurant shall be installed
two flues or it shall be possible to install it.

The Space

Hall 140 sq. m.
Ovens area 30 sq. m.
Kitchen 30 sq. m.
Storage Locker room
Toilet for staff 30sq. m.
Toilet for customers 10 sq. m.
Manager’s office 10 sq. m.